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Complex sentences » Consequence + “because” + Reason

Consequence + “because” + Reason

“He couldn't get dressed by himself because he was very young.” (“He couldn't get dressed by himself” is the consequence. Being “very young” is the reason.)

"We canceled the picnic because it was raining." (“We canceled the picnic” is the consequence. “...it was raining” is the reason.)

The phrases as a result, “so” + adjective/adverb + “that” and “such” + noun phrase + “that” can be used in the first pattern in the place of “so.”

“Andy didn't like his job, so he quit.”
“Andy didn't like his job. As a result, he quit.”
(Note: “As a result,” always starts a new sentence.)

“He was so young that the couldn't get dressed by himself.”
“It was so hot that they couldn't go outside.”
“Eric was such a good player that he won every game.”

In addition, the words “as” and “since” can be used in the second pattern in the place of “because.”

“We hurried to the theater as we didn't want to miss the show.”
“Karen didn't know the time since she'd forgotten her watch.”

Finally, you can move phrases beginning with “because,” “as” or “since” with the reason to the front of the sentence, if you put a comma after them:

Because it was raining, we canceled the picnic.”
As we didn't want to miss the show, we hurried to the theater.”
Since Anne had forgotten her watch, she didn't know the time.”